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02.23.2013 , 06:55 AM | #9
Playing around a bit with PvP healing (lol, pretty much impossible - run in, BAM, 30k smash), the combinations you can get here are a lot better.

Predominately in Hutball, when you're being beaten down on by a sentinel or shadow it's fun to use your static barrier and get the healing from that, pop resurgence, use force speed into a flame trap and then use the new ability (can't remember the name) for the full duration. After which you can force speed off and heal yourself up.

The healing buffs are definitely noticeable too. Unnatural Preservation has gone from around ~2k to ~5k and the heal on overload got me for 5k the other day too. Instant revivification isn't as useful in PvP as everyone is constantly moving, however it's still a nice touch
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