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No, no I don't think so. Lightning Barrier is so garbage it's not worth the 2 points, Reverse Corruptions is pointless unless you plan on Consuming yourself like a mofo. Corrupted Barrier is debatable. Sorc bubble was only healing my 29,000 HP Sorc for 312 I think which isn't a lot. Sure it adds up over time, but only if you're lucky to not get hit..... though on the other hand what else are you going to put 2 points into to get to the next tier.

I personally think this one is better.
So, In an ops sitution you would drop Reverse Corruptions and take.....Sap Strength... With you cant use on an Ops boss.... Yeah.. OK

As for bubble healing... Its 1% per second... free 15% hp... go figure

An additional 10% on Barrier is to good to pass up, it just helps so much when bubbling the ops....