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Just for the sake of it, I'll present a quick counter-scenario to the earlier bit of literature attempting to illustrate a confrontation between the two parties considered here.

The battle has been raging for almost an hour, and both sides' formations have begun to break down. The jungle air is thick with smoke and fires crackle here and there in the underbrush. An OR Jedi moves cautiously through a crater, wary of incoming blaster fire, reaching out through the Force to feel the presence of any nearby foes.

As he climbs the lip of the crater, a PT Era Jedi moves through the jungle foliage nearby. They sense each other, and both Jedi raise their guards swiftly. The OR Jedi steps into Djem So, while the PT Jedi reflexively assumes the Jedi Ready stance. Blaster fire lights up the smoke around them, and a flight of bombers screams overhead.

Seizing the initiative, the OR Jedi moves forward quickly. Striking smoothly and repeatedly, he balances aggression with caution, seeking the measure of his enemy.

The PT Jedi guards against this attack, dancing gracefully into the forms of Soresu. He is also watching his enemy, waiting to tire him out.

The OR Jedi has danced this dance before, and he knows the music well. He presses with Djem So, bringing down heavy blows on the PT Jedi's guard, who transitions to Shien in order to better prepare for an opening in his enemy's guard. As he does so, the OR Jedi unexpectedly leaps into a series of thrusts and close cuts, intermingled randomly with kicks and attempts to trip the PT Jedi. Confused by the ferocity of his attack, and the unpredictable, seemingly random nature of his attacks, the PT Jedi drops back into Soresu, relying on his close guard to protect him from this vicious assault.

The two combatants' lightsabers flash in the smoke, and they step quickly over the wet jungle plants, careful of their footing; eyes locked on each other's sabers. The PT Jedi is quick with his reactions, each parry a reflexive motion, the product of a thousand hours sparring in the Temple. His counterpart flows with the rhythm of the fight, not thinking but feeling his opponent's lightsaber clash with his, seeking that one perfect moment. His form is efficient, and aggressive, but not as exhausting an offensive as Ataru.

The PT Jedi reaches out through the Force and feels his opponents movements, seeing them less with his eyes as much as he feels them through the Force. He calms himself and lets the Force guide his lightsaber, moving to match the unpredictable attacks.

The fight moves away from the crater, and closer to the jungle. Sweat drips into their eyes and the acrid smoke all around them stings their lungs. Suddenly, the PT Jedi senses a burst of emotion from his adversary. The OR Jedi shunts aside the blade of the PT Jedi, making a quick cut across his enemy's chest. It is shallow, but unexpected.

Fighting panic, the PT Jedi tries to step into the next form in his sequence. He seeks the calm of the Force, raising his guard, but before he completes the motion, the OR Jedi has stepped in close, following up on his cut. He allows the momentum of the PT Jedi's sequence to carry him forward, and deftly slides around him. A quick twist of his wrists turns the OR Jedi's saber, driving it into the PT Jedi's back. The glowing end of his blade juts from his enemy's sternum, casting it's glow on his face.

Still puzzled, his mouth slightly open as he breathes out sharply in surprise, the PT Jedi crumples to the ground. The OR Jedi pauses to check that his enemy is dead, and feeling nothing in the Force where a moment ago there was the shimmering presence of his enemy, he moves on into the jungle, towards the sounds of battle.
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