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Um, non "cookie cutter" specs are always clearly inferior. Being a snowflake doesn't stop you from under performing and pulling down your group. The rare solid hybrid spec that does come about makes the class impossible to balance. You really should have learned that by now, all of you. Don't ask for things that don't make sense.

After 8 years WoW is giving more customization a shot in MoP, and I'm telling you right now that 1 of 2 things will happen: 1. Optimal "optional" talents will be found and thus just more cookie cutter specs. Or 2: Balance will be more chaotic than at any point in WoW's history. WoW in for another rough expansion, you really want that here? The more options you have the harder it is to balance. It's not rocket science.

I'm really not as angry as I seem, it's just late and some forum ideas make my head hurt. The "No add ons!!!!" thread in particular makes me want to punch a kitten.
It doesn't matter how you may or may not want to look at it. The game was made with the promise...(its on the making of the game vids & interviews) of having completely customizable specs. The End! Now they go and change their minds because...QQ its hard to balance? Give ma a break. Things where fine before 1.2, only needing very, and I mean very minor fixes. If they continue to squash hybrid builds so they are no longer viable in both pve and pvp then they are running the risk of falling into the same trap other current mmo's are in.