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G0-T0 has an answer for the Sith too.
But also, Myrkr.

1.) G0-T0 would know of this planet
Myrkr was discovered, or brought to center-stage, during the Mandalorian Wars, which happened extremely close to when G0-T0 was in power. With his vast knowledge of the underworld, galactic politics, and galactic history, he knows of it and what the planet holds. It would be a simple thing for him to aquire the animals of the planet, seeing as both were sold on the Black Market.

2.) Vornskr
These beast are vicious canines that hunt using the Force. They would probably be empowered by the Dark Side Nexus of Malachor and would be skilled at taking down Sith, as they travel in packs and specialize in ripping people to shreds (after paralyzing them with their tails).

3.) Ysalamir
These amazing reptiles mitigate force usage in the area surrounding them. No more lightning, no more force-leaps, nothing. The area expands while they're in groups, so if G0-T0 were to deploy a couple of these with each of his HK units, they'd be unstoppable. These ysalamir could also stop the effects of the Drak Side Nexus, allowing G0-T0 to land non-force sensitive troops on the planet.
I cropped your quote a little, since the part I want to address is the Ysalamir. While they are known of, it was not possible to successfully separate them from the trees which they grew/lived on without knowledge of certain methods for doing so. These methods were only developed in the period after the fall of the Galactic Empire, sometime during the Thrawn Campaigns, or a little earlier.

The other creatures, and particularly the more vicious specimens of Dxun and Onderon, are all viable candidates for weapons... although remember that the Sith are the ones with beastmasters capable of taming many of these dangerous creatures through the Force. I certainly wouldn't want a running wild on my ship...
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