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Before I delve into the subject matter this is my second foray into this game. I honestly thought I'd never be back. My friends have gone to other games the grand experiment was over so I gave away all my stuff and left SWTOR never to return.

I come back only to find the same negative scuttlebutt about the status of PVP on this server. Let me begin by saying this is a PVE server. That being said the PVP community as a whole is a small part of the population and apparently is in a rebuilding phase as alot of the good guilds that I used to see ( Ascendency, Deadweight, Yes) and a few other notables are all but gone from what I've seen on fleet these past few days.I hope I'm wrong but this is what I've seen ( no offense to anyone those names I've mentioned have earned my respect through their superior play) I have like many of you played thousands of pvp matches lowbie, level 50 open and rwz.

Lets talk a little about ( lowbie pvp ) level 10 thru 49.

If your interest is in PVP ( even remotely) you should start here. Learn the maps, basic strategy experiment with a build to suit your playing style. Polish your rotation. Learn how your individual class fits into the grand scheme of each scenario. Above all remember this is objective based PVP which means 8 individuals acting in coordination with each other to accomplish a common goal. If you don't take the time to learn these things you will hurt any team you are part of.

In the beginning should you choose to begin at level 10 don't pay attention to overall damage or heals starting out.. You're not going to match the higher level characters and most often discourage yourself. Instead look at your objectives at the end of each match and use the medals as a measure of success or failure. If you average 5-8 medals a match your doing a pretty good job for the team. Your medal count should increase as you gain experience and by the time you reach the high 40's you should be clocking 8 or more medals a match. Gear isn't a super huge factor in lowbie but getting yourself the appropriate weapons ( with expertise) as you scale in level will aid your damage output as well as your individual damage mitigation, thus keeping you in the fight longer. Also investing in medpacs and adrenals for wz with coms will help you some. When you get to level 35 or so start looking at your damage or heals output you may have a flaw in your rotation that is being exploited. Have discussion with others from your class and see what their individual opinions are. I have found that most people will respond in a positive way to intelligent questions.

* Side note * even though there is a pvp vendor on your respective fleet that offer gear at level 20 and level 40 if you look closely they don't have expertise in them therefore not true pvp gear. * You may also choose to augment your current gear which will give you a slight edge in damage or heals output. Augments should contain your primary stat dependent on your class, endurance and any combination of crit , surge or power, depending on your level of course. When you get to 40 provided that things haven't changed you can begin to convert your base coms into Rwz coms. This will help jumpstart you into tier 2 level 50 gear ( war hero ) Once you get there that is.

Now I've hit level 50 what's next ?

Now the game completely changes especially in PVP. Remember when I said gear don't matter much in PVP in the previous paragraph well IT DOES NOW !. And in a big way . When you reach level 50 you see the mission box glowing you receive your token for 330K credits. Congratulations you can buy your first tier PVP gear and be ready somewhat to play with the big boys. Well not exactly because what most people don't know is that is the first of 3 tiers of gear that must be acquired in order to excel in PVP. Augments matter now.. if you inspect the veteran players you will see every piece of gear is augmented 3rd tier or ( elite war hero gear), their health is around 20K or better. You will take your lumps, die alot, but as your skills get better so will your pvp experience as long as you dedicate the time and earn the warzone coms to gear up. Then the guys that may have slammed you a month or two ago ( for not having gear ) might consider you a valued member of the team. Getting the right PVP gear takes time, patience, dedication and countless credits spent for augments and slots. It is not an easy path. Even though its not as hard as it once was it still will take you enough time for you to know whether or not its something you seriously want to do. And if you become good and geared and you want to give RWZ a try, Go for it. But be warned if you go into RWZ with anything less then Augmented Elite War hero gear you will die a quickly, violently and repeatedly.

This post was designed to be a constructive base model for a beginner I am by no means an expert so if any of you out there has anything to add feel free. This is our opportunity as a group to educate the masses and teach them what may have been taught to us at one time instead of slamming them for not knowing and potentially discouraging a good player from playing. The choice is yours Harbinger, what say you ?