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I think the old republic would beat the PT era for a simple reason.
Are our solders as strong as the Romans who had to cross desserts daily in sandals, only to set up camp, take it down and go again so it would become natural as for when they went for miles and miles then into battle, it would not tier them as it would become normal. answer no, would be a joke to compare. (obviously you can include other by gone warriors) Considering there was constant war, combat etc the jedi would be far better warriors then they were in the PT, even the sith would of been better back in the old republic for that reason alone. not to say plagius or sidious, yoda or mace were in any way weak, they sure was weren't. but just not as strong as the old warriors as they had no reason to fight for like 1000 years, so they would get weaker (both sith and jedi)
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