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02.22.2013 , 11:36 PM | #1
My original intent, was to level one of every class to experience their class story, and play style. My plan was to select one healer, one tank, and one DPS, and use them endgame based on the styles I liked. Problem is, it's taking me forever, and I really want to start enjoying elder game. I have also decided, I hate healing, it is the most boring thing I have ever done in a video game. I also found out, I LOVE tanking. A few days ago, I got my Juggernaut to 50, and had a blast the entire time. Tanking, is what interests me now. DPS, has gotten stale, have a 50 Merc, and 43 sniper, it's not as bad as healing, just getting stale (although, I will keep playing my Merc, as he holds a special place being my first character). So now, I just really want to experience the story's, and focus on elder game. My plan, using the PTS, and using the boost to level 55, and then play through the story of each class. This way I wont have to do any side missions, and can just focus on the story's. I'm kind of hoping someone will talk me out of this, as I see quite alot of downfalls with this. Does this sound like a good idea? Bad? I of course, am going to finish leveling my PT Tank, and Shadow tank, and probably my Vanguard, but do the rest on the PTS boost. Thoughts?