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Yes but Tavon he is able to reaction much faster then a normal human, MUCH faster(55X) and as I recall MC is augmented before given his suit of armor. With his armor, that only increases his stats plus he is able to run faster then any of them(34 MPH) so couple that with his reaction time, how is any in the squad gonna hit MC unless he is closely engaging H2H with one of them? Though he probably would quickly just tear them apart, before moving on.

Make no mistake though, I don't like Halo lol am not a fan at all. But from what I have looked up(I probably should look up more) MC is all around better then Delta Squad. In terms of weapons though? He isn't, so his weapons are pretty much useless here except for the plasma grenade(maybe), so unless the squad is able to fire faster then MC can react or move I think MC takes majority.

I'll give the Squad 4/10 for this.

Edit: Also wb btw.
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