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^ This, tbh MC is just far greater with his augments then any Mandalorian. Though given the situation here, he'd need to wreck them all H2H so I can see them getting in a couple of shots in maybe...or their shots hit one of their team members as he is fighting them. Or MC disarms one of them and uses the weapon against the others.
yes 1v1 wolf. But 4 delta squad vs 1 spartan, even MC, not even close. Delta FTW.

Compare and contrast the katarn vs the Mjloinr armor.

Both have the following:
Superb HUD[Heads Up Display]
Mjolinor has:
Strength amplifiers.
Embedded vibroblade.

Plus you have to remember the ONLY advantage MC has is his enhanced body. That's it. And that can be overcome by 4 men just as leathally trained and schooled in being an elite soldier as MC is.

I can see the battle now. Sev starts off with long range sniper fire to pin down MC. Boss rolls in with the DC17 set to rifle mode to continue to pour fire into MC.

Scorch then gets into position and hits MC with an Ion grenade to fry the shields and stun MC. Fixer with grenade attachment loaded hits MC full blast with the grenade attachment to the DC-17 and adios MC.

Sorry I don't see MC surviving against Delta squad who have been trained from BIRTH with eachother. Trained to be 4 fingers of a fist. FROM MINUTE ONE. Forget the whole mando crap. It's about super soldier vs 4 soldiers who don't have the enhanced bodies but have been just as rigorously trained as MC has.

If it was say MC vs Boss, MC for the win, but against the whole squad, sorry MC is going DOWN.
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