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{If the Jedi does need help, I could get Sapiens' former jedi apprentice to go and help them. A little rebellion never hurt anyone right? }

Lord Sapiens was a little peeved off by the other Sith's lack of respect, but it was something he had come to expect from his fellow Sith. Respect for elders was not one of the Sith values...only respect for the strong. Regardless of his annoyance, Sapiens put on a smile and continued as if he didn't feel the need to throw this one through a wall.

"How harsh of you sir! You would send an old man such as myself back into the wilderness when all I seek is to assist on whatever adventure you're engaging in?" He leaned on his weapon with both hands, "I happen to be an archaeologist of sorts, and my talents would serve you well young one. I have no true desire for these artifacts, but I simply want to see them with my own eyes before giving them to better hands."

Sapiens quickly looked at the other two standing nearby and immediately knew them to be Chiss. They were most likely members of Imperial Intelligence sent to keep an eye on the operation. The agency always found a way to get in the way of his plans it seemed. If he couldn't get them or the Sith obviously in charge to welcome him, maybe the young one would. He turned to her and bowed once more.

"And hello to you my dear. Would the apprentice of the illustrious Darth Vergas send me away as well? I have assisted the reclamation military wing quite a few times because of my profession, and I'm sure they would appreciate my help on this mission as well."
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"I heavily doubt that any Sith would seek artifacts for the sake of simply seeing them, even one such as your self, Lord Sapiens," Archonus growled through clenched teeth. "History has taught me that anything a Sith does is for power or personal gain."
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