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I think I'll bring out the big guns now- Traya's assassins are useless. What? Let me explain.

Remember in KOTOR 2, when you first get off Peragus and ask Kreia who the assassins are? Well her answer is her own downfall. IIRC she states something along the lines of," Because you were cut of from the force the assassins were unable to track you or even find you." No one in G0-T0's power base that we know of is force sensitive, except Mira, so Traya's assassins are useless. Also, because of their ability to grow in strength with the force powers of their opponents, they would be literally bantha podo. Would this work? Well, in KOTOR 2, Kreia also states that that is why the Exile can defeat the assassins so easily- because of the fact that the exile is relearning the force, and so are the assassins.

We also know that the only reason the exile was even found was because of luck by an HK droid. In truth, this is a battle that Traya will be unable to use her assassins in. Because of the nature of her enemy, one of her greatest strengths is gone.

"Those sith assassins can sense their prey through the Force - it is like a hunger, they feedů and grow strongerů when they are near Force Sensitives. The stronger their prey is in the deadlier they became. As long as you were cut off from it, you were able to evade their sight. But after Peragus, I fear that you will be no longer shielded from their eyes or the eyes of their masters. The stronger you grow, the more will come."
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