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Malak had the Star Forge behind him and he still got owned, that's just weak.

And later he even admitted he was nothing, that's something a Sith Lord should never say. The non canon Dark Side ending is even more pathetic. Kun didn't admit defeat and still tried to get away when thousands of Jedi were coming for him, and Malak admitted he was nothing facing one Jedi,
That one Jedi being Revan, his former master whom had grown even stronger since there last confrontation.

And if finally accepting the truth is pathetic then so be it, but at least he was not in denial as Kun was that he could escape his inevitable destruction and that embracing the darkside was worth the rewards.

I thought the battle between Revan and Malak possessed immense gravitas and meaning and Malak's death was both satisfying yet saddening. I wouldn't have had it end any other way.