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02.22.2013 , 05:44 PM | #81
notes on what I learned today dueling in outlaws den:

so spent coupla hours facing off against different classes.

E-net, easily managed but makes the fight better.

Ways to manage E-net: Probe will absorb all the dmg, roll into cover will work, (the actual cover ability), and cc break removes the slow. Evasion and toxin scan will not remove, but with probe you can eat that dmg easy. Ghost remains viable as a gap closer when e-netted.

Snipers: nothing changes.

everything remains the same basically.

the real threat you should watch out for is AP P/t's. they get reduced dmg when stunned and can fire those rockets that hit for 2k dmg a pop.

sin's it's still whoever get's the drop on who first.

sorcs: have that bubble, but it's caster only.
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