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Quote: Originally Posted by JP_Legatus View Post
now has free force scream in smash, previously only for juggs
now has lower cd on undying rage, and less health used
now only needs 3 stacks to get a full 2x damage smash crit

and the nerf:
now gets +15% crit damage to everything instead of +30% crit damage to just smash

You should also reword the crit mutiplier statement. 30% was on all Force attacks. Scream is a powerful force attack, but the funny part is, they made both AC's more deadly now, and the "Smash" nerf amounts to little when you are still hitting people for around 4-5k... Easily still one of the best burst attacks in the game, AOE or not. and now MS/RAV VS/SLA get a buff?

We are being seriousinged.....
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