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"So it begins."- Theoden, King of Rohan

^Been waiting to use that.

Interesting choice to bring in the MSG.

Before I get into full debate mode, I will say that the HK-50 assassination scenario will not work. Not because of the Sith in the Trayus Academy, but because of Traya's technique in Force Cloak.
Are you sure that after a hundred tries G0-T0 might not figure out a way for his Assassins to get around Force Cloak?

In general this battle has an interesting aspect:

Kreia can see shatterpoints in the galaxy, IIRC. G0-T0 also can see how the galaxy works much better than any human (for him galactic economics are a predictable game). So at the beginning, they might not actually fight each other, but fight through the galaxy. Traya tries to break it, G0-T0 tries to preserve it.
Not sure how this woultd end, though. I guess one of them will loose more resources in this game.
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