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"I would use it as I would a poison, and in the hopes of understanding it, I will learn to kill it."- Darth Traya, expert in the art of concealment

The ability to cloak ones self in The Force was used for thousands of years before the Jedi Order's downfall and the rise of the Galactic Empire. It is a rare ability in which a Jedi uses The Force to bend light around them, making them invisible to the sight.

The use of Force cloak tends to be a natural ability, but, despite its difficulty to learn, others have learned to use it. Because of the technique's ability to physically bend light around the self, Force Cloak rendered the user completely invisible to droids. This trait greatly benefits a Jedi during stealth missions.

However, there is no single method for stealth. Many Jedi prefer the Jedi Mind Trick to make themselves invisible. The Jedi Master Yarael Poof demonstrated his uncanny ability for stealth by Mind Trick by making himself invisible to his fellow Jedi. However, droids are immune to mind tricks, and thus would not be fooled, making Force Cloak more effective than the use of Mind Trick.

But unlike Mind Trick, Force Cloak requires great concentration and a great deal of energy to maintain. This drawback often diminishes the worth of such a powerful technique.

Force Cloak has been used and developed for millenia. The Jedi Knight Juhani possessed a natural talent for this ability.

The Sith Lord Darth Traya used this technique often, saying that the manipulation of ones sight was just another of her many tools to manipulate others. Through this technique, her disguise as Kreia was easily maintained and allowed her to move about friend and foe alike without drawing unwanted attention.

However, Jedi and Sith were not the only practitioners of this ability. The Nightsister Lomi Plo was able to use the fears of her foes to hide herself from sight, even doing this against Luke Skywalker. The cult of the Disciples of Twilight developed a modification of this technique, which they called 'Shadow Armor.' They used their command of The Force to wrap light and shadow around themselves, making themselves unseen in the darkness.

Despite the drawbacks of being difficult to master and requiring a great deal of energy to use, Force Cloak is a powerful technique. While some Jedi prefer to use the Jedi Mind Trick, the utility and power of Force Cloak should not be underestimated. As history has proven, nothing is more dangerous than an enemy you can't see.

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