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Also, Chat Bubbles would be a HUGE Booster to RP in my opinion. They have always been a staple in RP for me, and I'm very sad to see they are STILL not here...
Other than making communication look like a comic book and creating server-based latency issues, what's the real draw? Why can't we progress? How's it any different then looking two centimeters over and recognizing the name of the person you're engaging.

Yeah, in heavily populated areas (especially if you don't do a spatial filter) it can be tough to hear what the person next to you is saying, but isn't that realistic? How many bar-room scenes have you yourself gone to where the cacophony is so loud you can't hear the person you're talking to or likewise? There's a real solution to both of these problems: Step outside.

Consider bubbles in heavily populated areas; just seas of whitespace to the point you can't even see the interface. Then you have people who type up paragraphs and insert emotives in their speech and you've got bubblesort issues, climbing as high as a sequoia.
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