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He very likely defeats them, perhaps even with relative ease. Lets remember this is the Jedi that defeated the most powerful Sith Lord ever to come into existence, in pure lightsaber combat - that in itself speaks volumes for how far the Jedi Order has come.

War is simply not good for a Jedi Order. For one, such an act of aggression draws them closer to the dark side, as beings of the light this does not strengthen them, but unbalances them and makes them weaker. Yes in the Force, but the Force is a key component of skill with the lightsaber. In times of peace Jedi can draw themselves closer to the Force through meditation, making them stronger in every respect. War also has a negative effect on teachings, do you think in a 30 year period of war there is going to be an abundance of time to train new Jedi? No, the teachings will be rushed, unfocused, with few Masters available to teach them. Lets not also forget the catastrophic effect the First Jedi Purge of the Dark Wars must have had on the Jedi and their teachings, not to mention of destruction of the Jedi Temple in the Sacking of Coruscant.

But why not see for yourself: PT Jedi Order possessed a great many number of powerful lightsaber duelists. For example lets compare the Jedi Council of the Old Republic with the Jedi Council of the PT era.

Old Republic: Atris, Vrook Lamar, Kavar, Lonna Vash, Zez-Kai Ell - remember those guys? I expect vaguely as they were never displayed to be particularly powerful or to have achieved much, that is because they were not. Only Kavar and Vrook where known to have mastered multiple forms, none mastered all of them.

And then we have the Jedi Council of the Great Galatic War, whose Grand Master was easily defeated by Braden, a bounty hunter, with a single shot. The other members we know little about, but the only one who seems worthy of mention was Satele Shan.

Prequel Trilogy: Both Mace Windu and Yoda were mastered all seven forms of lightsaber combat and Mace Windu created his own. Kenobi was one of the most esteemed swordsmen in Jedi history, mastering Soresu, Shii-Cho and Niman among others. Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar, Plo Koon and Saesee Tinn where all renowned for being master lightsaber duelists as were almost every member of the Council.

We can also compare Battlemasters, Cin Drallig mastered every form save Juyo/Vaapad and held his own against Darth Vader. On the other hand Jun Seros was defeated by the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt - a bounty hunter. May I take this moment to point out that Jango Fett, renowned as the best bounty hunter of his day, failed to defeat Obi-Wan Kenobi and was easily dispatched by Mace Windu.

Sure the Jedi High Council and Battlemasters are the best of the best, but comparing Councils of different eras does give insight into the general ability of that given era. But for the sake of argument consider the likes of:

Anakin Skywalker, Ashoka Tano, Dooku, Qui-Gon Jinn, Aayla Secura, Luminara Unduli - all these Jedi were exceptionally skilled in lightsaber combat. Looking at the Old Republic, there are only a handful of names that really stand out - Revan, Surik, Exar Kun, the Hero of Tython, and all but one of these learned at the feet of others, not just the Jedi.

If anything Kreia's quote supports the above. She compared the prowess of the old masters with that of the Old Republic Jedi, implying that the OR Jedi where far from as skilled as the old masters. Whereas she likely would have spoke quite differently if she had lived in the PT era. Let's also consider that they were Sith, which is a completely different story.

It is for these reasons I believe the Jedi Order of the PT era is more powerful than that of the OR era, the sheer number of exceptionally skilled duelists in that era is enough to prove that.
Couldn't have said it better myself. So I won't.

I will say, in addition to this, that Yoda was preparing the Jedi Order for another Sith War. So they were preparing to fight the Sith, learning from the past battles and adapting new tactics.
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