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02.22.2013 , 09:53 AM | #1
Hi All,
Thought I would introduce myself here. I reign from the East Midlands of England. I'm 29 on Sunday :/ Fulltime Engineer, and free time gamer.

I have avoided SWTOR for too long because of all the bad critic I have heard and read. Last week I decided to actually give it a shot for myself. Being a Star Wars fan from a young age I absolutely love my experience so far, even though only level 14 on a Jedi Sentinel. I cannot believe I have not played this before now. I did F2P to start with, and then cancelled my subscription to WoW and subbed SWTOR. It just feels so much better for me, even at a low level.

So I can say, I will probably be around here for a long time to come. I have much to learn in this game and I am having MEGA fun doing so.

So, yeah.... Hi