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02.22.2013 , 08:39 AM | #4
cheers for the reply . tho i put on the exclude items list i have to say when things happen like this it dos make u some what concerned that these days at the moment anti-virus applications have started to become worse than the viruses.

* There have been many cases where an update of anti-virus have flagged system files false-positive rendering the system unbootable.
* There is often a large performance penalty when running an active-virus-scanner
* Since virus scanners are running as administrator and not written very securely they have been used as attack vectors by hackers for remote logging in (since there are bugs in their scanning of network connections) and local priviledge escalation where a virus used the fact that the virus scanning was scanning the virus with a insecure scanner to run its payload in the process of the virus scanner.

so it makes you thinkg are we actually protected :/.