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Definatly more, I'd say before the rift caused by Bo Katan and Vizla's death, his Death Watch army spanned to around 1000.... Just judging by the sheer numbers we see in some scenes and a few refferences and size of forces needed to take over what they did...
Youd need a hell of a lot of soldiers to take on the Black Sun, barge into the Hutt Palaces etc like they did...
Hmmm, but on Mustafar Maul basically did all the work and there was not really any battle. And on both Nal Hutta and Tatooine the Hutt's where not heavily defended. All they had where bounty hunters and thugs, which Maul & Savage made short work of.

And then on Sundari they basically tricked the people into helping them... I'd say all the above are achievable with less than 200 (deadly) soldiers. Bearing in mind that the Kenobi's 212th Attack Battalion consisted of only 660 soldiers, and they invaded Sepratists bases etc.

Then we've got the fact the Nite Owls may well as been the "twelve former Death Watch members" that formed with 200 Mandalorian police to form the Mandalorian Protectors. Some likely died in the Battle of Sundari - but they can't have numbered in any more than 30.

We also never see any more than 20 on screen at any given time, and they often 'occupy' small spaces e.g. the abandoned mines on Concordia where Vizla prepared his entire force to invade Mandalore, and the camps on Carlac and Zanbar.

Sorry for the overload of info there, but I've been spending time (too much time ) researching this. I'm still unsure though...