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exactly as the title says. some toons i have i dont want to grind the dailies for the event every day. is there any word as to why these helix components cannot be bound to legacy? i mean as it is we wont even be able to buy the weapons because of weekly cap
They answered in other thread that no they will not

Apparently, according to EA, Players with multiple 50s are in competition with player with 1 50 so making Grey Helix BoL would be a massive (imaginary) penalty to single character players.

Course that explanation is pure hogwash and anyone with half a brain knows it.

The only way to get Grey Helix is to do OPS content and a single heroic missions (that is so poorly designed that its a cluster beep of ninja grabbing and greifing all day long).

Personally this event was final straw for me and cancelled my account and just waiting out the remaining time on sub.

But your answer is no, Grey Helix will not become Bind on Legacy.

Apparently your only worthy if you do OPS content now
EXACTLY the mentality EA promised they would not take when this game started and was in development.
In regards to lessening F2P and Preferred restrictions
In GAMING, as in LIFE,
You get what you pay for
No game restriction is so dire that $15.00/month will not eliminate it