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Quote: Originally Posted by stephenalandavie View Post
Yes it blows, but you want an extra bracket? and matches never pop? Again reality!!!
What's wrong with the current 10-49 bracket (compared to a 30-54 bracket)
I wonder how many pops the 10-29 bracket will get...
You didn't think your reply through mate.

Quote: Originally Posted by darthnish View Post
its only going to last for a couple of weeks, cause all the hardcore, premades will be hitting 55, and since they;ve removed 50 pvp gear now all future 50s wont have *** gear anymore, so fret not, just dont play lowbies for a few days!
I'm VERY casual, been around for quite a while, I've got 3 lvl 50 chars with min/max WH+ several EWH pieces on each (legacy ftw) Believing it'll take a few weeks to clear the bracket for fully geared people is naive.

Oh and what is the people who're lvl 30-50 going to do with their comms? they get to buy medpacks and adrenals... How very viable... It will not be fun to play those levels in PvP.

BW dropped the ball. I genuinely hope they rethink their brackets before they push 2.0 live.
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