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02.22.2013 , 05:46 AM | #1
Are they really for seriousing us??

leveling through PvP won't be enjoyable... At all...
at least until every single current lvl 50 PvP'er get all their min/maxed WH/EWH toons to the 55 bracket.
Oh and I predict massive QQ at premades since the impact they have will increase by a truckload.

Right now you only have to worry about badly geared weekend warrior puggers, in 2.0 there will be lvl 30s soloqueueing who will get in games with veteran premades geared to the nines.

BTW I really hope BW makes endgame PvP gear purchaseable pre-50 if those brackets will be implemented. AT LEAST let lowbies start getting their WH gear sorted.
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