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k so did some more thorough testing today....

full madness is just not going to happen without maul, deathmark force regen or the bonus melee damage....its like bioware expects it to just tab dot and use crushing darkness whenever you can as if we were sorcs completely outclass this even more than they already do on live

that mad maul thing isn't going to work because there's no force regen. that's the main problem, discharge dots crit for like 1k which is amazing but you never have the force to use shock which is a huge deal and even using a shockless (which would be dumb) rotation is still too force-starved

wakajinn just doesn't proc static charges enough

While I still think it's bad, full deception seems to be the best bet for non-darkness DPS specs. 5/36/5 or 7/36/3 are probably the best.

@darkscythe I think the 3% melee crit is way more important than some more Static Charge damage, especially since we are doubly reliant on Maul than before.
These are my exact thoughts. I really tried to find a new wakajinn, but just like you said, it does not proc enough static charges, sometimes ill be sitting at 1 or two stacks for around 30 seconds before I get the third.

There are two specs I am working on right now, both are utilizing the Impose Weakness talent and taking 31pnts in Deception. Since Surging Charge is utterly useless with out VS now, I was thinking of going up Darkness to get Energize and Disjunction and running in Dark Charge. (one point left over to do as you pls) You don't get all the defensive benefits or utility out of the Darkness tree but you do get 100% crit rate on your Shocks. You do run Dark Charge so you get the armor and healing from that also. Your basically utilizing your increased Maul procs and all the goodies from Deception with the defense and Shock crits from Darkness.

The other one I am tinkerying with is basically the same thing but going the other direction with the Madness tree. Now you cannot have Impose Weakness and Raze in the same spec so that throws my MadMaul hopes out the window. However you can still get enough for increased Thrash crit and the Glorious Deathfield. Again, you can run this in DarkCharge for the obvious reasons even though the whole second tier of the Madness tree would be wasted. Or you can run in Lightning Charge since the dot is going to hit pretty dang hard.

If they fix Bloster system in WZ's on the ptr I will try these specs out as much as I can.