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02.22.2013 , 12:51 AM | #1
after patching the client to run on PTS i found there wer 8 files got errors and i pressed repair on them and once i did it started repair them now wile it was repairing i my virus program brings up a red flag saying swtor.exe now contains WS.mailware.2 ???? whats this now and would like clarification on this and what is it doing also my other question that also pops to mind is EA now doin g what they usally do installing things to snif around ones pc ?

and atm i cant play on PTS as the client Launcher is now blocked do to that as those files its trying to repair has that virus in it whats going on here ?.

some details about the virus is here : 2.1.22&plang=sym:EN&layouttype=TrialWare&buildname =Retail&heartbeatID=06B6A6A0-2853-4DF0-B788-2DBA9E696781&env=prod&vendorid=1000170&plid=81&plg id=4&skup=21236453&skum=21236453&skuf=21228661&end pointid={06B6A6A0-2853-4DF0-B788-2DBA9E696781}&partnerid=1000170&lic_type=512&lic_a ttr=21123089&psn=JY72B2CKJX3R&osvers=6.2&oslocale= iso:USA&oslang=iso:ENG&os=windows

can the customer service pls give som clarifications on what that thing is doing in the client ?.