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You seem to be forgetting Yoda's words" "Wars not make one great".

What made many of the most revered Jedi of this era such was their role as "guardians of peace and justice in the old Republic". Obi-Wan, for instance, was not exactly the strongest of Jedi and even almost got sent to the AgriCorps. Still, he was the embodiment of a true Jedi.

Mace Windu is one notable example. Never mind maintaining the old styles of lightsaber combat---he created a style! It worked pretty well in the right hands, too. You might say "Well he's the exception that proves the rule", but he was not the only skilled duelist. Yoda was, of course, and Kit Fisto and Cin Drallig, for instance, were no pushovers.

It's to be expected that, as you say, peace time will bring less experience with deadly lightsaber combat, but sometimes the best skill is knowing when to use force and when there are better alternatives, and Kreia said something along these lines as well. When she compared modern Jedi to children playing with lightsabers she did not mean to say that wanton violence improves technique (and the "modern Jedi" in her days, by the way, had seen plenty of wars).

I probably rambled a bit, but the point is that:

1. There's more to being a good Jedi than combat ability.
2. Wars can make for improved techniques, but it seems they don't necessarily.
3. There were revered duelists in that era. They stood out as few probably because of the sheer amount of Jedi.
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