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02.21.2013 , 07:04 PM | #123
1. No sort by unit price (not sale price, but price per individual unit)
2. 2-day limit. Many things here, but items coming back to email with deposit and single item/block per email is a gigantic pain in the arze for someone like me who crafts and sells every leveling purple for each crew skill across several alts. I also purchased the 90 slot unlock. So it's annoying to have to wade through 60-70 emails every two days and click to get my item back and also click to get back the deposit. Better solution would be to enable a "refresh" that would allow you to go an click refresh sale and pay the deposit each time (heck, even put a cooldown on it). Only if you fail to refresh do your items go back to email.
3. People with no understanding of markets (and I mean basic understanding). Too much to say here.