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Yes I do, for one main reason KOTOR was a more story based game and you can create the planet through story, KOTOR did that! SWTOR does not! While leveling, I was bored leveling on Voss, Quesh, Tython....why? Because there isn't anything star wars fans recognize. And you can't get into the story of those planets because this isn't a game where you sit through 10-15 mins of dialogue. Games like KOTOR, Star Wars books, etc can get away with making up planets because you can spend a lot more time getting the attention of the reader with details, they don't do that in swtor, which is fine! Think of the scene in KOTOR 2 where you return to the Jedi enclave and talk to the Jedi Masters, a scene like that wil never be in an MMO, because MMO players aren't gonna sit through that why would they sit through details of planets to excite you to go there? Let me sum it up this way, swtor is not a story based game, it has a alright story, but it doesn't have a story to keep you interested throughout leveling. And because it doesn't have that story, when you make up planets and just put 100 people in it, you begin playing a game that doesn't feel like star wars, It's just a futuristic WoW. I'm fine with them adding bull **** planets for WZs and ops (Asitation and Denova) because I'm not exploring that. Leveling, people want to go places they recognize, symbolic places!
Maybe for you the planets weren't interesting, but I was actually having a fairly good time learning about the planets and native species, so much so I even read all of the codex's.