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My CTD hasn't happened in quite a while. My fix was to go into BIOS and turn up my processor's voltage to the maximum allowable. It's within the manufacturer's spec, and when I monitor it with CPUID or HWMonitor, it's actually still running lower than what I have it set at. My guess is that the voltage was dropping below minimum to begin with, causing the crashes. As I stated in another post, I had to turn my memory voltage off of auto, and put it to the minimum to get it to work right. Could just be a board or BIOS problem, but the major crashes have stopped.

I must point out, that I have still experienced random closures of the game. When I TAB out of the game, and go to TAB back in, sometimes the game will just disappear. I have also had the game freeze, put me on a perpetual load screen, and just randomly close itself.

The biggest complaint that I have, though, is that the game hangs after I quit. It won't completely close down, and I'm usually forced to go into the task manager to end it's process.

Anyway, that's just an update from my end.
I'm running XP(until i have the $$ to upgrade) I have had this issue since september. I did lower the voltage on my RAM, overclocked my CPU. Game ran a bit smoother, less lag but it still crashed after 2 hours. I kind of hope Bioware just completely fails and goes bankrupt and is dissolved as a gaming company. They have failed on so many levels with this game in regards to bugs and bug fixes. Any other company would get reported to the Better Business bureau or flamed publicly for poor customer support. The neglect to the performance of this game is stunning. I could give 2 ***** about game content if i cant even utilize it properly.
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