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So let me get this right. Qi gon, gets stabed in the stomach and dies shortly afterwards, but Darth maul, get servered IN HALF and lives........

What a load of sh......
You know what I find funny? That people are perfectly willing to accept the existence of a mystical, invisible energy called 'the Force' and that its users have the power to shoot lightning from their hands, escape death and live on as a Force ghost, render themselves invisible, manipulate people's minds, create illusions that can do harm, devour entire planets and achieve immortality. And yet they cannot accept, and entirely reject that a Force user could possibly survive having his body cut in half.

Its verging on stupidity.

"Nothing is impossible with the Force." ~ Kreia... believe it!

Forget whether it could happen or not, instead consider whether it should have happened or not. That is all that matters, and at least IMO I think Maul added volumes of good to TCW and Sam Witwer is by far one of the best voice actors in the entire Star Wars saga.

But this debate has nothing really to do with the subject of this thread, so maybe we need to refocus. One thing I'd like to reinforce is that the incompleteness of KOTOR II was largely if not entirely down to Lucasarts - and we have no reason to believe they'll rush the game for a December deadline again, that would be almost as silly as the above...