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in my opinion it's insane, ill test it asap but 60% DMG ***... and just a 35% dmg reduce ??? people will die faster than it is right now :/ ...
currently expertise damage boost and damage reduction cancel one another out if attacker an defender have the same expertise. In the future this is still the case. I think you are not familiar with the formula:

actual_dmg = dmg * (1 + exp_boost) * (1 - exp_dmg_reduction).

if exp_boost = 60% and exp_dmg_reduction = 37.5% then actual_dmg = dmg.

NOTE: the correct numbers are 35% for healing boost, 37.5% for damage reduction

Removed diminishing returns from Expertise such that each point of Expertise will now grant a consistent percentage of bonus until the hard cap is reached. Hard Caps are as follows
  • PvP Damage Boost 60%
  • PvP Healing Boost 35%
  • PvP Damage Reduction 37.5%

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