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This quote surprised me:

As an optimized Sage healer, I have a tremendous amount of willpower and power on my gear. I can do a LOT of dps following a simple rotation of TK Throw / Disturbance / Project, even if it is marvelously inefficient as far as force management goes.

Gear optimization for a healer tends to be main stat + power, same as a dps. Any highly geared healer can do plenty of damage.

That said, when I show up in a group as a healer, one of three things happen during fights:

1. Everything goes great, and I have plenty of time to dps in between heals, so I do so.
2. Things are hectic, so I might just keep a Weaken Mind DoT up and the occasional TK Wave, but mostly heal.
3. Things are ouchy-bad, so I focus purely on keeping the group alive and don't dps at all.
That pretty much sums it up. And it pretty much holds true no matter if your going for a traditional crit/surge gearing or a power/alacrity approach.

If as a sage I take Concentration in the TK tree & drop Project from the dps rotation ~ The TK Throw & disturbance casts have a barely noticeable effect on my force management.

And if I find myself in a group with two fresh 50 dps players ~ we will hit enrage timers if I don't dps between heals.
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