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Incidentally, I ran HM Xeno last night and our main tank interrupted Thermal Tolerance by hitting Force Cloak, and took no stacks. Between this and everybody hiding behind the pillars I didn't have that much healing to do, I spent more time dps'ing.

Just thought I'd mention it, it was an interesting strat.
Exactly what I do when tanking on my Shadow. Drop combat -> Taunt and go back to it. We then only need the second tank for the adds where I kite the group and they taunt them out 1 at a time. Without a Shadow we have the tanks AoE taunt a bit before TT, run out (or Guardian Leap), single target taunt and then LoS behind a pillar when the channel starts.

Overall I think this fight was very badly designed fight since a Shadow can trivialize the mechanic while the other tanks can have a very tough time dealing with it. Factor in the extremely brutal second group of adds needing to be kited and 2 Guardians will struggle while a Shadow can effectively solo tank it.

In terms of gear for SM (or even HM), I'm happy to bring whatever but if someone is undergeared I say:
"Your gear is a little low for the content but I'm happy to give you a shot. If we start having issues I'm going to ask you to step out."
I've yet to have anyone complain about that. Similarly, when I'm on a new less geared alt I say: "I'm a bit undergeared but I've cleared the content and know the fights. If you think my gear is going to be an issue I'm happy to sit out." Have only had group say no and that was for a Columi geared tank in HM KP back when 1.2 hit.
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