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02.21.2013 , 02:22 PM | #42
My wife had issues laying off the trigger as a healer... it took many times of yelling over the phone that if I die, so will you (we use the phones to talk while we play)... Well, she complained about it but when she finially stopped and realized just us 2 can handle heroic 4's, she realized I was right and has controlled her impulse to kill. I tell her when its ok to jump in, or she will jump in too soon and we die...

She just loves to see herself throw lightning around and once she starts we are dead ducks in a H4 or FP lol.

Now, she loves healing.... Maybe some people just do not understand how a team works. A pitcher pitches, a catcher catches and so on... We are both new to the MMO world, so we both had learing to do... like me trying to use a DPS to tank until I learned, in these games, we have a roll to fill when it comes to group play....

I bet many others just need to be shown the proper ways to function on a team in their roll. This game probably has a higher number of non MMO players in it than the usual, due to it being Star Wars and the game does have a stong appeal to traditional RPG players and "we" usually only know how to play solo.