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02.21.2013 , 01:50 PM | #1073
1. Jedi Covenant
2. Bloodscum
3. 4 crashes in single day after 10-15 minutes
4. Game has crashed after :
- selecting enemy to atttack (character can still move, cursor is still active and powers recharge as if having been
activated, but nothing happens)
- trying to loot enemy after being defeated (character can still move and cursor is still active but trying to click on
other enemy bodies to be looted or items that can be taken [lockboxes for slicing crew skill] do not work and
nothing happens)
5. DXDiag

6. Reliability report (Windows 7)


7. Game eventually crashes to desktop after being stuck on loading screen for 3-5 minutes (after last instance I used Task manager to end game)