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02.21.2013 , 01:38 PM | #5
leading in damage/healing in lowbies just means you are actively doing something ~25% of the time. Many of the people in those wz's are probably playing for fun, or for the first time (f2pers). I hit 21 solo kills last night on my lvl 28 sorc, most damage by 250k and most healing. 0 votes. Doesn't bother me though, of course they're terrible. 50 pvp isn't great on this server anymore either. No ranked for us, and the average pug is just awful. However I have several 50's on pot5 as well and the pvp is not better over there, in fact the average player over there is usually worse because of all the noob re-rerolls to the fatman back when the original servers were dying.