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Hi, im from a PVP Server, and my friends wanted me to make a toon on their PVE server, so here I am. I currently am a level 44 Sage, and I mainly do warzones to level.

Now on to the main point of this thread.

Your server has THE WORST "PVPers" that i've EVER had the privilege to witness. I have carried more teams to victory in my time questing to level 50 here, than I have on an entire year of pvp on my main server.

I can't speak for your 50s, so i apologize if some of you are getting offended. But your lowbies, are the worst i've ever seen. Not a SINGLE person has a clue on what is going on. Hahaaha the first few weeks it was comical. i'm about to retire from pvp before i even hit 50 its so bad.

I'm top DPS AND top healer in 90% of the warzones I play (and im a dps sage). In huttball sometimes also occupy a 3rd best slot, with objective points. I get like 0 MVPs from people. Apparently NO ONE plays healer on this server. And when they do, they put up lke 3k dps with 75k healing.....When I switch to healer spec, I still get 0 mvps even though im carrying these failures even more.

Anyone else out there want to group up? I can't keep carrying 7 people alone. I need a partner or two. Hit me up on in game when you see me.

- Soulcaster

PS: I'd like to give a shout out to my man ZESTY in <WOOK>!!! He helps me tolerate the lowbie pvp a bit.
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