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02.21.2013 , 09:18 AM | #1

I'm finalizing on my sin tank after getting him setup with perfect mitigation, now I'm just looking for clarifications on what everyone else is using for a priority system as I see a lot of conflicting opinions and I'm looking for a general consensus.

This is what I've been testing and looking for opinions from those who have more experience:

Starting a fight: Force Pull
Initial Setup: Shock, Wither, Discharge
General Priority: Force Lightning x3 Harnessed Darkness, Wither > Discharge > Shock, Thrash when above 70%ish force, execute, etc..

There's a couple of conflicting opinions I see floating around that I'm looking to get clarified.

1. Does force pull indeed generate enough threat on the start of the fight to be worth it?
2. After the fight is initialized, is using shock regardless of the crit buff worth it just to manage to pull off a faster force lighting?

Any other tips are welcomed.