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Yes, as I said in my text, have the tank move out from the group before the walker goes up so he is standing ready to taunt before the adds spawn. Then he click target the first warrior, taunt it and then clicks the 2nd warrior and uses w/e range attack he has to get aggro form it, if needed , the DPS bursting down the add can jump/attack the not-taunted warrior. On the 2nd pack, the range attack will not be ready so the tank needs to use normal taunt again to get one warrior, and can then just wait until the 2nd warrior passes by (it will be going for the tank behind the walker) and use a single target attack on it to grab aggro. I as an assassin taunt just use shock on it and it will turn to me instantly.
I normally use a AoE taunt at this moment (after a wither+discharge) and then move over to the 3rd spawn location and single taunt one warrior and uses some single target attack again (shock) on the 2nd warrior and they should all still be on me.

The main focus for this tactic is that DPS needs to burst down the adds fast and the tank needs to keep aggro by using all his AoE attacks and AoE Taunt if needed to keep the warriiors from going to the group behind the walker.

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