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You are all setting yourselves up for disappointment.

High hopes for game features, lead to expectations, and when those expectations are not met you end up disappointed. If you have no expectations then you cannot be (as) disappointed. This is also one reason why I have never looked up what bosses drop what gear in any MMO I have played; I would rather be pleasantly surprised than profoundly disappointed.

I am of the same opinion with regard to the new movies. All the speculation and rumor, and posting what you hope will be included, will only cause sadness and anger when it does not happen.

Furthermore, the fact is that even though RotHC is still just over the horizon, chances are the developers are already working on the next "expansion." Do you really think that RotHC started development when they announced it only several months ago? My point is that any "suggestion" you make here, good or otherwise, will not come to be for quite some time.

I therefore call upon the player base to just let the developers do their jobs. Stop these "what do you want to see..." speculation threads because no good can come of them.
All it's good for is passing time, really.