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1) He offers uncomplicated lerve - I'm not gay (nothing wrong with being gay either) but uncomplicated is compelling. Ashara is wounded and confused - too hard.
2) Andronikos is ranged meaning he doesn't get hit by the same stuff you get hit by, his strengths are your weaknesses and vice versa.
3) He likes you when you're bad which really is how a Sith should be.
4) He sorts his own **** out and doesn't come to you all the time to do the dirty work.
5) He uses very different stats I.E no force stuff so he very much only wants the **** you don't want (Ashara wants some stuff you want but not much - Enhancements mainly). Related he does tech damage rather than Force.

At the end of the day he's easy and effective - both qualities I hold in high esteem!
Andronikos is not bad, but not really my favourite. For dps it is more of personal preference. But might as well reply as it is boring atm :P

1) Ashara asks instead of telling when she goes off.
2) Ashara can offtank better than Andronikos.
3) Ashara likes when you are bad when situation calls for it.
4) Ashara does not have dirty work at all.
5) Unfortunately neither wants same stats as you...yes, that is weakness not strength. Especially when you do ops would be much easier to give stuff downwards.