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I ran HM 8M Xeno last night, we had to pick up a pug tank, he came into the group with gear modded towards strength, barely hitting 22k hp and using a strength stim, we gave him the benefit of the doubt and tried to down the boss, after 3 wipes we told him sorry he wasn't pulling his weight as he was always the first one to die and didn't seem to be grasping the mechanics after we had explained them mulitple times, we had a guildie switch to a tank (he was trying to get the helixes on his dps) and we downed the boss on the next try, def don't think it's rude or mean to gear check people and or remove them if they don't match up.
dunno the situation at hand but the best tanks tend to stack there primary stat over endurance to a certain extent, acting like it's strange to see a jugg/guardian with str stim and str gear kind of makes me think you're dumb.

take some time to learn about how threat/agro gets generated then compare some 30k tank to a mid 20's that has stacked more primary and see how well they maintain threat on bosses against BiS dps'ers.

now if they have some silly stuff as secondary or tertiary that's a different story, and you may very well have gotten a simply bad tank /shrug, not saying your pug tank was good, just saying plenty of people prefer str/aim/wp stim over end