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Monster Island Czars (MIC) is currently looking for 4 raid members to help us fill our raid groups imperial side. Looking for geared (Black-hole or above) 2 DPS, 1 Healer, and 1 Tank. We are 4/4 HM TFB and 3/4 NiM EC. Raid nights are 7-10pm EST Monday and Wednesday nights w/ a Thurs pick up night. This is for our core group but WE RECRUIT ALL LEVELS as well. As long as you are good... so feel free to join.

MIC INFO- We have been around since the beginning of the game, initially from Belgoth's Beacon. Started as a core group of college friends who love joking, having a good time, a lot of beer, and BLOWING **** UP. Progression is our focus but we often have daily and PvP groups going strong. Please send an in-game message or forum message to Battra, Godzuki, Mechaghidorah, She-raa, Taladis, Mrcuppycake, or Xallenski. Thank you.
this **** right here is BA

plus it's based off the king of the monsters!
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