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Honestly, without his unique abilities, what is Nihilus? Not much, really. A moderate duelist, with some force training.

The entire point of his character and power was how his hunger drove him and fueled his force usage. He's practically unstoppable, and only by manipulating his link with Visas and the natural abilities of the Exile was Traya able to arrange for his destruction.
Um... no. Nihilus is more than the Hunger. While that is what personafies him, he does have powerful abilities of his own. Dark Rage, Sever Force, Force lightning, Force Scream as well as Distant Power (among other powers). He also pulled the Ravager from the shadows of Malachor, and held it together through his power. His lightsaber form is interesting. I don't believe his chosen form is known, but I would consider him a user of Djem So or Juyo as he was very agressive.

He isn't limited to the Hunger, but I agree that he isn't Nihilus without it.

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Meh, im not so sure...
This is a kagath afterall, and Onasi has a fleet, Shan has battle meditation for said fleet....
Immagine 2 hks aswell XD
but i'd probably cry if T3 went up against T3.... :'(

Darth Omanoma vs Sleepswithvibroblades vs Wicked witch of malachor would be pretty cool, but i think traya would annihilate them. Would also depend on if Sion had tried to break his alliance with Nihilus before the battle, because then he'd know not to go all out Rage on nihilus' flagship and get himself Roflstomped (I believe that is the canon term)
I was speaking more of a versus perspective, not a Kaggath. A Kaggath would be in favor of KOTOR 1 as Carth has a fleet, and I don't think any of the KOTOR 2 crew was ever a fleet commander (other than Surik).

As for the Triumvirate battle, it was more of an opinionated statement as I prefer Nihilus over Sion and Traya (he just looks so cool). But if I were to pick a victor, Traya would win. Especially if we take out Nihilus' om nom ability.
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