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Like KOTOR 1 Ebon Hawk crew vs. KOTOR 2 Ebon Hawk crew? KOTOR 2 takes it. K1 may have Revan, but they are seriously lacking in the Jedi department. Would be funny to see two T3's shooting at each other, but also kinda sad ().

If a Triumvirate battle were to occur, I would prefer a three way battle ( I don't think Traya could defeat Nihilus and Sion). Nihilus and Sion having their powerbases from the beginning of the First Jedi Purge, and Traya having the powerbase from when she reclaimed the title of Dark Lord of the Sith. In that case, (even without his om nom) I think Nihilus would win. Sion would get his Force connection severed by either Nihilus or Traya, and then Nihilus would siege Malachor. From there it could go either way, but I think Nihilus would win with Sever Force.

I've been thinking of another combatant for the Bonus Series. I think the Beast Riders of Onderon could be a good one. Or maybe Iaco (Tony ) Stark.
Meh, im not so sure...
This is a kagath afterall, and Onasi has a fleet, Shan has battle meditation for said fleet....
Immagine 2 hks aswell XD
but i'd probably cry if T3 went up against T3.... :'(

Darth Omanoma vs Sleepswithvibroblades vs Wicked witch of malachor would be pretty cool, but i think traya would annihilate them. Would also depend on if Sion had tried to break his alliance with Nihilus before the battle, because then he'd know not to go all out Rage on nihilus' flagship and get himself Roflstomped (I believe that is the canon term)
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