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omg la 2.0 va etre un nouveau tournant dans la façon de jouer en PvP assurément.

* Players will now be separated into three level brackets for normal Warzone play: 10 – 29, 30 – 54, and level 55. Ranked Warzones now requires level 55.

Removed diminishing returns from Expertise such that each point of Expertise will now grant a consistent percentage of bonus until the hard cap is reached. Hard Caps are as follows

PvP Damage Boost – 60%
PvP Healing Boost – 35%
PvP Damage Reduction – 37.5%

Alacrity has been redesigned to be a more universally useful stat. Now Alacrity reduces the activation time of all abilities, including instant abilities. If such an ability is reduced below the global cooldown, the global cooldown is reduced as well. Alacrity now also increases resource regeneration for all classes by the same amount that it increases ability activation speed.
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