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02.20.2013 , 08:16 PM | #260
I haven't played on the PTS yet, but the assassin changes don't look too good compared to what I heard, especially compared to what the other classes got in terms of defensive CDs (also the TTK goes way up imo; higher expertise, changes in alacrity etc.). The phase walk thing is fun and nice, but I don't think it offers the utility needed to make DPS assassins viable. Also I'm hearing that they decreased crit a lot, making alacrity a must, means you really need to get CS to put out discharges fast enough.

Also, no more instant-force lift. With reduced crit if it's really true, the darkness-hybrid might be dead too. With the defensive stats finally working, guess what assassin's job will be from now on...

(longer and mroe detailed response. Really hope I'm wrong. Crit change is not right got wrong informations)