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Fffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaa*********kkeeeeeeeeee eee

Edit: it says FAKE!^^^^

Double edit: woaahh mr. Thread guy. Is dilaw'kawal your friend or something? Or you just don't give a crap to check if a screenshot is real or not? I can see that it's fake on my iPhone. Ill confirm on my computer tonight... Actually can't believe you put it up unless you are working with him to cheat. I may be wrong but I'm gonna say I'm 90% sure that its fake. Feel free to correct me.
Um... no, I don't know the person, I don't even play on the Prophecy of the Five server where he is from, and I'd appreciate not being accused of things. I actually did check it, but maybe you can enlighten me oh wise one as to what is wrong with this screenshot in comparison to the other biggest hits. In what sense is it fake? Are you telling me it's photoshopped? Glitched? Setup? I can see that his damage per second is terrible, but there's still no way I can prove that the biggest hit itself is fake.

If you'll notice, 4 out of the 5 screenshots on biggest hit all have subpar dps to go with it. By the way, I'm fine with hearing that I may have missed something or made a mistake on a screenshot somewhere... but what I am not fine with is the obvious condescending tone of your post towards me. I have NEVER favored anyone here, and I never will.
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